Susan nofziger, msw, lcsw

Licensed clinical social worker, therapist

Boulder, Colorado                                                                                              303-579-2646

individual/couples counseling

finding your way 

couples counseling

Having trouble communicating?  Lost the connection?  Betrayal? Arguing?  Unmet needs?  Susan Nofziger listens carefully to both sides and offers practical solutions, support, guidance and problem solving.  Couples counseling can help you decide if this relationship will meet your needs.  It can help you find solutions and repair relationships.  

susan nofziger, msw, lcsw

licensed clinical social worker, therapist

Boulder, Colorado                               303-597-2646


Susan Nofziger enjoys working with couples. Couples counseling sessions are $100.00 per hour.  Some couples prefer to do hour and a half sessions to cover more ground.  These sessions are $150.00 per session